Tidy Tester’s Guide to Test Automation

Session type: 120 min tutorial

Session level: Intermediate

Inspired by the Konmari method of Tidying Up, this tutorial will take you through steps to clean up your test processes for easier and more effective automation. From reviewing old processes to picking up new techniques, this guide will help all budding and experienced Automators to choose the automation techniques that fit not only the system but also the people of any organization.

We begin with a general guide through your test processes, followed by a quick cleanup session. From there we will start giving each process and beloved technique its place in Automation, and setting up various methods and approaches for those who wish to share. Finally we round off with cataloguing techniques and reusability tips for faster, more complete test automation design.

If you’re interested in improving your automation technique, adapting your personal tastes and craft to test automation, or even just a creative new look at automation, come listen to the Tidy Tester’s Guide to Test Automation!

Key take-aways:

  • Test "junk" hides quality risks
  • Automating directly without cleanup creates problems
  • Offers a structured approach to Automation in a fun and easy manner

Rick is a test analyst and Scrummaster at Rabobank WRR Finance Data. These positions have given him plenty of experience with different international audiences for test reporting and plenty of experience doing it with more and less effective results. Rick’s work passions lie in technique, optimization and communication, and occasionally the optimization of communication. He enjoys designing training programs and teaching, and has focused most of his lectures on how to communicate ideas between different stakeholders and perspectives. While he has a reputation for always having a story to tell, Rick prefers an interactive lecture or debate to a chalkboard presentation.