The Championship is divided into two categories: Team and Individual;
A team consists of three members including one captain;
In 2018 edition, total number of contestants is 250;
For the first time competition will be open for foreign teams and will be run in English;
The Championship starts on the first day of TestingCup - May 28;
Contestants will face an entirely new edition of application Mr Buggy;
There will be three rounds of registration: 1st round: 22-29.01, 2nd round: 19-26.02, 3rd round: 19-26.03. First come, first served;
1st, 2nd and 3rd prize laureates of the previous TestingCup editions get a guaranteed entry ticket for the Championship;
Just like every year, fantastic awards are waiting for the best testers of TestingCup;
If you don't participate in the competition, you can still get a ticket for the TestingCup Conference and see the competition live.
TestingCup rules and regulations