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Communication Skills for Testers - The SuperPower Workshop

A unique chance to attend a winning workshop (Best Tutorial at EuroSTAR conference 2015) with Rob Lambert, TestingCup 2018 Program Chair!

Develop a superpower in the world of business!

For years I struggled to enhance my career, be effective at dealing with intense situations or confrontational people and get my point across. My confidence was low and I wished I could be more assertive at work. Why wouldn't people listen to me?

I couldn't do a presentation without crumbling into a hot mess. I couldn't write as clearly as I wished. I couldn't handle tricky people or difficult conversations. I didn't listen well and as for networking, well, I hated it. I lacked presence.

All of these were to do with my inability to communicate effectively and it was holding me back personally, creatively and in my goal to lead teams.

There is growing research that hiring managers, executives and business leaders value communication skills above all others, yet communication is rarely taught in school, let alone business.

The odd thing was that I'd personally studied communication at college, University and in my own personal time - I knew what to do - but I didn't know how to make it work at work.

Then one year I'd reached rock bottom and had enough of being scared, overlooked and unable to reach my potential. I was fed up of failing to achieve my goals and I slowly, but surely, applied what I knew about communication to my own world of work.

The results were fabulous.

I started to practice what I knew and came up with an underlying framework that has helped me become an International Keynote speaker, author and trainer, Manager, Vice President and a successful leader of teams. This framework for success sits behind this very Communication Workshop.

It wasn't easy though and it won't be for you either, if you're struggling with some of the same challenges I did. But it's worth it, and armed with the insights from this workshop and the simple science frameworks behind it - you too can excel in your career goals.

What I teach in this workshop is laced with real world examples to help you overcome your communication challenges, grow in confidence, write like a pro, network like you were born to do it and overcome the fears that stop you from delivering amazing presentations.

Although we cover some science it's not too heavy, but it is necessary to give you the foundations to move forward. We cover non-verbal communication heavily as this really can be a genuine super-power (alright, not like laser eyes, wings of steel or being able to fly), but close enough for our business world.

"Rob's Communication Workshop is brilliant. Of all the training I've done over my career, it's the one that's had the most immediate and positive impact, both on my work and personal life." Sylvia - attendee

We'll cover situational communication such as meetings, interviews, presentations, networking and we deep dive into 10 strategies for better writing. All of this is re-enforced over and over by the underlying framework - and you'll take this knowledge away with you to put in to practice yourselves!

This workshop has won awards, changed people's lives and is accessible for anyone, no matter your level of knowledge of communication. The real world examples bring the theory to life as we dig deep to get to the root of good communication. I bring fun and energy to the sessions, and we get everyone interacting and having fun - it's the best way to learn! It's a real laugh. It's a safe place to explore and learn - don't worry about the interactivity - if you don't want to take part it's not a problem.

At the end of the workshop I distribute the slides, supporting material, a load of amazing resources, free eBooks and I also make myself available to field any questions over the following few weeks.

It really is intense, interactive and you'll be amazed at how you can piece it all together to really improve your ability to communicate more effectively.

So why not invest in yourself and develop a skill that will bring your career to life.

Boost your career and effectiveness

I provide you with the right information and tools to power through your career, get promotions, deal with tricky people and bring genuine value to the company you work for.

Develop your confidence and assertiveness

During the day you'll also develop confidence and assertiveness skills/awareness - in my experience the two most requested personal development skills

"I wish I was more confident in myself"

"I wish I was more assertive"

Better Writing

I'll give you a ten step strategy to effective writing, whether you're writing emails, a presentation or a book.


We'll cover how to create a good presentation and I'll help you overcome the fear of standing up in front of others and delivering a great talk. Trust me, I still don't enjoy presentations but by following my own framework I can pretty much deliver knock-out talks 99.9% of the time - even with horrendous nerves! I'll show you how.

You can find out more about the workshop: cultivatedmanagement.com/superpower

Dates: Wednesday, May 30 2018 (1 day, 9 am to 5 pm)

Location: Łódź, Poland, Andel’s Vienna House

Costs per participant: PLN 1000 (includes 1-day class, coffee breaks and lunch, excl. VAT).


If you have any additional questions, please contact Joanna Moćko: joanna.mocko@testingcup.pl