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Przemysław Libudzic

Mobile applications tester



Workshop: Mobile Device Lab

Friday, 9/6/1713:45WORKSHOP/LoungePiotr Wicherski

It’s one of the projects that can be applied in almost all scenarios. If you work at a huge company, a small one, in indie game project or even as an independent test freelancer. If you work with mobile, you should at least consider working with mobile device lab. Despite the fact that mobile applications and websites are more popular day by day, and that Google report from 2015 confirmed that mobile searches outgrown the desktop. We still suffer from immature of mobile testing tools. Sure, the maturity process will probably take a few years, like with a Selenium. But can we do something about it? Sure we can! We can try & learn building our own solution. After the workshop each participant will receive an eBook with: - summary of actions that were made together at the workshop; - additional commentary; - things that happened during the course of workshop.

During the workshop together with the participants we will prepare local Mobile Device Lab. The laboratory will be based on Linux Ubuntu (16.04 LTS) along with the application for the continuous integration (CI) and the application OpenSTF, which will control and manage a group of devices running Android.

  • Theoretical introduction;
  • Potential benefits and risks of owning own device lab;
  • Checking participants equipment and software;
  • Preparation of the environment;
  • Setting up the Android SDK;
  • Configuring the CI application;
  • Running the automated checks;
  • Setting up the OpenSTF application;
  • Device management:
  • Maintenance;
  • Remote Access;

Benefits for participants:
Participants will get practical knowledge on how to set up own local mobile device lab (MDL). This knowledge would be a basis to start their own journey in building local MDL for their team purpose. Mobile device lab project can help appease one of the main problems that mobile dev teams faces whilst developing mobile apps. Such as: device fragmentation, devices cost and distant teams localization.

Requirements for participants:

  • Computer with system that will be capable to run the latest version of VirtualBox with the image of Ubuntu 16.04 with the allocation of a minimum 1 GB of RAM;
  • Minimum 30 GB of free hard disk space;
  • Unlocked USB ports on your computer;
  • Own Android device with the SDK ≥ 19 (4.4 KitKat);
  • USB cable adjusted to your Android device;
  • Basic knowledge of Android;
  • Basic knowledge of Linux;


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