The Polish Championship in Software Testing and the biggest testing conference. Join us - become the champion!

The Championship

The Championship is divided into two categories: team and individual

A team consists of three members including one captain

In 2017 edition, total number of contestants is 250

The Championship starts on the first day of TestingCup event June 8

Contestans will face an entirely new edition of application Mr Buggy

Enrolment starts on February 6, at 12:00. The first 100 people, who declare - during period from 6 to 17 February - their attendance, will gain guaranteed participation in the Championship

If, by February 17 number of contestants exceeds 250, there will be arranged a qualification round (for everyone who doesn't have guaranteed ticket). If number of contestants doesn't reach 250 by February 17, enrollment stays open until all the tickets are distributed

Laureates 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize of the previous TestingCup editions get a guaranteed ticket for the Championship with no obligation to take part in qualification round. Gaining a guaranteed ticket doesn't dismiss a responsibility for paying for it.

Attendees of the June 9 Conference , who don't participate in the Championship - are welcome to join it as spectators

Just like every year, groovy awards are waiting for the best testers of TestingCup

More comprehensive information can be found in Terms of Use TestingCup 2017

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