The Polish Championship in Software Testing and the biggest testing conference. Join us - become the champion!


Radek Smilgin

Originator, initiator and organizer of the Championship. Independent consultant and trainer specializing in requirements engineering, software testing and quality assurance areas. Tester and Test Manager. Trainer of courses on software testing and requirements analysis. Owner of portal. Fan of usability and testing in Agile. Author of publications on testing and quality assurance. Lecturer at Polish and foreign testing conferences

Joanna Moćko

Event Manager of the Championship and the Agile & Automation Days Conference. Since the 1st edition she has put an effort to make TestingCup the most important testing-event in Poland. Responsible for organizational affairs, logistics, and also for making contact with contestants or partners of TestingCup.

Norbert Prochacki

Creative director responsible for TestingCup's image. Co-creator of application Mr Buggy. Co-creator of Mr Buggy:The Game. Addicted to Netflix and HBO TV series. In spare time, saves Azeroth from extermination in World of Warcraft.

Paweł Piaskowy

Top developer of TestingCup who brought a terror to testers of the first and the third edition - by releasing Mr Buggy and Mr Buggy: The Game. Passionate about sport-climbing, hill-walking, bicycle riding; enthusiastic player of board games, turn-based strategy games and StarCraft.

Michał Buczek

Software developer and IT department leader. Co-creator of two editions of Mr Buggy: 2014 and 2016. Responsible for technical matters of TestingCup. Enthusiastic player of board games, turn-based strategy games and Magic: The Gathering. Fan of basketball and culture of medieval Japan. His hobbies include painting miniature figures from fantasy worlds.

Alicja Gil

Although receiving an education in administrative field, her career path has crossed with IT. Co-organizer of PHPers meet-up. In her spare time, she likes to visit new places and taste regional cuisines. Passionate about hand-made craft. Joined TestingCup as a volunteer in the first, second, third and fourth edition.

Iwona Marusik

Received an education in accounting, but her true calling in life is testing. Curious nature led her to getting her first job in quality assurance. From 2012 she has been analysing and testing software thoroughly. Volunteering in TestingCup since 2016 edition.

Emilia Lendzion-Barszcz

Passionate about testing and Enduro. Started her IT adventure in childhood. For a couple of years she has been engaged professionally in testing. Puts an interest in test automation and performance testing, cheerfully shares her knowlegde with others. Member of group Girls Who Test!