define the shape of TestingCup 2020

The following Rules and Regulations define the shape of TestingCup 2020, the rules of participation, the course of the contest, and provide all the information necessary for Participants.

The 2020 edition of TestingCup will be done completely online.

All the TestingCup 2020 Participants are required to comply with and follow these Rules and Regulations. This is why we encourage you to read them carefully.


1. TestingCup - Software Testing Championship (hereinafter referred to as “TestingCup” or “Event”, “Contest”), organised by 21CN Radosław Smilgin company (hereinafter referred to as the “Organiser” or “21CN”).

2. TestingCup 2020 – online edition of TestingCup (hereinafter referred to as “TestingCup 2020” or “TestingCup Online”) which will be on 17 June 2020.

3. Participant – a person who fulfills the conditions for participation in TestingCup provided in detail in § 3 of these Rules and Regulations (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”).

4. The aims of TestingCup are:

4.1. Promotion of Software Testing and Quality Assurance in Poland and abroad;

4.2. Bringing attention of the mainstream media to the subject of Software Testing;

4.3. Promotion of Poland as a country with good IT background, both in programming and testing.

4.4. Organisation of a contest consisting in competition in testing between individuals and companies (hereinafter referred to as the “Contest”).


1. The Organiser shall appoint the Judging Committee which will supervise the course of the Contest, evaluate the work of the Participants as well as select the Contest winners.

2. The Contest will be held on 17 June 2020.

3. Anyone can take part in the Contest, regardless of experience in Software Testing and Quality Assurance.

4. In case of minor Participants, a legal parental or guardian permission is required.

5. The Contest will be held in two categories: individual and team.

6. It is possible to compete only in one category.

7. Persons directly involved in preparation and organisation of a given edition of TestingCup cannot take part in the Contest.

8. The application tested during the Contest shall be prepared in English.

9. Documentation provided during the Contest shall be prepared in English.


1. The conditions for participation in the Contest as an individual or team Participant are as follows:

a. Filling in the registration form and providing data for invoice issuance, both for companies and individuals;

b. Positive completion of the registration process, confirmed by information provided by the Organiser;

c. Payment of the participation fee.

2. The Registration form shall be available on the website www.testingcup.pl from 14 April 2020 as long as seats are available.

3. After closure of registration is announced, registration for participation in TestingCup will not be possible.

4. An individual Participant shall be designated with “name (names) and surname” or “name (names) and surname/ company name” - in case of participation on behalf of a company.

5. A team shall be designated with a name approved by the Organiser. The name must be unique.

6. A team consists of 3 Participants.

7. During team registration, it is required to appoint the captain who will be the sole person responsible for communication with the Judging Committee in organisational and decision-related issues.

8. The maximum number of Participants is unlimited.

9. Each individual and team Participant is obliged to pay the costs of participation in TestingCup, excluding:

a. the winners of contests organized by TestingCup that guarantee free participation in the Contest;

b. the winners of other contests under the patronage of TestingCup, that guarantee free participation in the Contest.

10. The fee for participation an individual or team Participant is 325,20 PLN net or 80,00 EUR net per person. This fee includes participation in The Contest on 17 June 2020. Any other promotions and/or other special services shall be clearly speficied in the pricing offer available at testingcup.pl/2020/

11. Payments must be made according to the pro forma invoice raised by the Organiser, to the bank account specified by the Organiser. Failure to make this payment in due time shall result in removal from the list of Contest Participants.

12. Participation confirmation shall be sent to the e-mail address provided during the registration within maximum 7 days from the day the payment is booked on the Organiser’s account.


1. The Contest will be held online, on 17 June 2020 in accordance with the published schedule.

2. The Organiser reserves the right to change the schedule.

3. The Contest shall include one round of tests. The round shall consist in testing provided application in accordance with instructions supplied by the Organiser, searching for defects and reproducing them.

4. The Contest winners in the individual and team category shall be selected based on the results obtained during the Contest.

5. Defects shall be reported in the way indicated by the Organiser. Information regarding the required form of reporting shall be provided before the beginning of the test round.

6. Each of the individual and team Participants shall have his/her own mobile phone with the Android system which is a necessary tool to take part in the Contest. In case of any technical, phone-related problems that can occur during the Competition, the Participant shall immediately contact the Organizer via email address testingcup@testingcup.pl.

7. A testing environment must be configured in accordance with the Organiser’s guidelines. The guidelines shall be provided not later than 7 days prior to the Contest. The guidelines can concern the following:

a. Installation and configuration of hardware and software,

b. Configuration of the communication options,

c. Verification of correct functioning of the environment,

d. Other activities connected with hardware and software preparation.

8. One Participant can have not more than one mobile phone.

9. The testing environment must meet technical requirements specified by the Organiser before the Contest. The Organiser shall make all effort so that the applications tested during the Contest can be supported by the Participants’ testing environment, but does not accept any liability for improper functioning of testing environment or inability to launch the tested application.

10. The Organiser does not accept liability for any damage and/or theft of the equipment used for the purpose of participating in the Contest.

11. Communication during a test round shall be limited in the following scope:

a. Individual Participants can communicate only with the Judging Committee or the Organizer.

b. Members of a given team can communicate among themselves.

c. Team captains can communicate with the Judging Committee or the Organizer.

Any other reason for communicating cannot be verified by the Judging Committee or the Organiser, therefore all the Participants are asked to behave ethically and act honestly.

12. The following types of communication are completely prohibited during a test round.

a. Communication between members of different teams,

b. Communication between individual Participants,

c. Communication between team members and individual Participants,

d. Communication between software testing competitors and other people who do not take part in the Contest.

13. In case of detection of prohibited communication Contest Participants shall be disqualified. The decision on disqualification shall be made by the Judging Committee.

14. Using debuggers, decompilers and messengers is prohibited during a test round.

15. In case of use of prohibited hardware or software, persons or teams taking part in such an act shall be disqualified. The decision on disqualification shall be made by the Judging Committee.

16. After disqualification, the team or individual Participant will not be taken into consideration in the general classification.

17. Disqualification of a Participant of the Contest shall not entitle the disqualified person to lodge claims for reimbursement of the costs of participation.

18. Decisions of the Judging Committee made during the Contest shall be final.

19. Scoring rules:

a. The general classification shall be established on the basis of the total number of solved tasks and total time to solve tasks.

b. Evaluation rules shall be delivered prior to the testing round.

20. Results shall be announced in accordance with the Contest schedule, however, the Organiser reserves the possibility to announce them at a later date.

21. The Contest application will be available to download on the day of the Championship (17 June 2020). The link to the application will be shared right before the start of the Contest.

22. To avoid problems with installation, the Organiser will publish the Demo version of the Contest application, which will allow Participants to check in advance if their mobile phones meet the technical requirements.

23. Not using the Demo version of the Contest application deprives Participants of the grounds for making a complaint about the installation of the actual version of the Contest application.


1. The results (understood as final classification for first 10 places) shall be announced until 19 June 2020, in accordance with the schedule.

2. Results understood as the final classification for all Participants will be announced within 7 days from the end of TestingCup on the website testingcup.pl/2020/.


1. Personal data entered by a Participant in the application form shall be processed by the Organiser under the personal data protection act of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws No. 101, item 926 of 2002, as amended).

2. The Organiser shall process personal data provided in the registration form in the scope necessary to establish, change or terminate the legal relationship.

3. Registration for the Contest shall be equivalent to granting consent for personal data to be processed by the Organiser for administrative and statistical purposes.

4. Providing a company name as a team name during registration confirms possession of consent to use such a company name.

5. Registration for TestingCup shall be equivalent to granting full permission for the publication, reproduction, broadcast and other use of photographs, recordings and other audio-visual material of a Participant in any material related to and published by the TestingCup 2020 organizers and its associated entities.

6. Registration for TestingCup shall be equivalent to granting consent for use of the Participant’s name, surname as well as team name in the scope of information and advertising activities conducted by the Organiser and its associated entities.

7. The personal data administrator (Data Administrator) is 21CN Radosław Smilgin (21CN) with the residence in Gdańsk (80-680), 124 A Nadwiślańska St. Data is collected for the purpose of participating in TestingCup 2020, organized by 21CN. You have the right to access your data and correct it by contacting us at testingcup@testingcup.pl. Providing your personal data is voluntary.


1. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Regulations.

2. The Organiser reserves the right to publish selected works, statements and image of Participants.

3. Participants who fail to observe the Rules and Regulations can be disqualified.

4. The Organiser reserves the right to reject the application for participation in the Contest if conduct non-conformant with the ethics of the tester profession or generally adopted rules of good conduct has been documented in relation to the given person.

5. In all matters not governed by these Rules and Regulations, the provisions of the commonly applicable law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Polish Civil Code.

6. The Organiser shall not bear liability for any delays or hindrances in communication with Participants resulting from reasons beyond its control.

7. In case of fortuitous events, beyond the Organiser’s control, which preclude holding the Contest, the registration fee shall be refunded. No other compensation shall be provided in such a case.

8. Appeals against decisions of the Judging Committee shall be accepted within the time limit of 3 days from the announcement of the Contest results. The Organiser reserves the right to review the appeal within 14 days from its receipt.

9. The Regulations shall apply as of 10 April 2020 until publication of new Rules and Regulations.

10. Accepting the Rules and Regulations, the Participant declares that all provisions of these Rules and Regulations are clear and comprehensible to him/her and that he/she accepts them without reservations. The person registering other persons for participation declares that all persons registered by him/her have familiarised themselves with and accept the provisions of the Rules and Regulations as well as grant their consent for their personal data to be processed according to the provisions of the registration form.