TestingCup Online

Having found ourselves in the pandemic reality, we decided to welcome you to the Online Championship.

The Championship you can participate no matter the location and circumstances – home office, home lockdown, no-work break, in bed or wearing favourite pyjamas.

Join us on 17 June 2020 online to face a new Mr Buggy Mobile!

What is TestingCup?

The biggest Championship in Software Testing!

TestingCup is one-of-the-kind event organised in Poland every year since 2013. During the event participants challenge their software testing skills in Championship and participate in world class international Conference.

TestingCup brings together the software testing community to, through active and healthy competition, select and award the Best Software Testers.

Its participants struggle with Mr Buggy – an application with hidden bugs, prepared for the purpose of the competition. Once the competition is over, Mr Buggy is released and serves as a learning tool for future software testing professionals.

TestingCup is open to everyone who, either at work and/or our of passion, care about software quality.

TestingCup is:

The best testers
gathered in one place!


Getting knowledge!

Hands-on workshops!

Famous speakers!



Exhibition area!

Getting visible!




Epic party!

A team of great people!

A team of devoted people!

And this is what
the world
tweets about us!