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Good product and project teams try to understand a range of different things when they’re asked to analyze product features. But how do they know whether their analytics are actually good enough? Are they tracking user's activity and feedback about the feature/product? Do they have analytics in place for all the product’s features? How are they validating that key/value is set correctly for various events in analytics while feature development? How about automating these processes with day-to-day testing?

In this talk, Rohit will share his experiences and challenges. He will show how his team did their analysis in order to get better insights for building the right product and adding more value to their customers. Rohit will cover how his organisation automated analytics and the value they got from integrating it with functional tests and CI. He’ll talk about – and demonstrate – their Sentiment Analyser utility. Sentiment Analyser was developed internally to generate meaningful daily reports from user’s feedback, and helps to figure out how the latest release affected production issues.

Key takeaways
  1. How testers can use analytics and consumer feedback to improve the product
  2. How his team figures out out bugs and crashes from feedback and swiftly arrives at a fix
  3. Understanding the benefits of analytics and how to test them

Rohit is an achievement-driven and focused professional with 5 years of expertise in Quality Assurance Domain. He is an incisive thinker and always looks forward to bringing up new ideas which can make him and his team more effective and productive. He believes in giving back to the community by sharing and open sourcing his ideas. He has hands-on experience of both mobile & web automation and is currently working towards proficiency in ML and AI domain. He pays attention to build a value-oriented team with the right mindset, and feedback culture.