Poland _ HL Tech

"Introducing Mutation Testing"

Mutation testing looks at the quality of one’s tests by seeing how well your existing tests detect random mutations in the code of your system.

In this session, based on his experience with PiTest library, Łukasz shows how this underrated approach can improve an automated test suite, and how code coverage can give a misleading sense of quality.

He describes the difficulties in implementing this approach, how it affects the build duration and can be seen as extra testing layer that could be reduced. He’ll also give examples of how it prevented projects from missing tests and false positives, how you can adapt mutation testing to optimize pipelines, how to gain maximum value from the approach.

Key takeaways
  1. Understanding what mutation testing is
  2. Seeing how code coverage can mislead us
  3. How to use mutation testing

I've been envolved in testing on various levels since 2010. Started as a junior tester in Samsung where I was testing one of the first android mobiles. After 5 years I've switched industry to finance and started automation journey. Currently I am working in HL Tech as a QA Lead.