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"Becoming a plumber - designing and implementing the delivery pipeline as code"

We can treat almost every element of our systems as code. That includes the underlying infrastructure, its configuration – and our delivery pipelines.

We can treat our delivery pipelines as code; from the way the developers push their work to the repository, to the way we make it available to our users on production. We can build a direct, concrete and testable implementation of our delivery process. Can we use our well-honed testing skills to test a delivery pipeline?

In this workshop, we will take an example application and design and implement all stages of its delivery pipeline using tools like Docker, Jenkins and Jenkins Pipelines. We will:

  • learn how we build the application
  • run the required tests
  • release a new version of the application
  • deploy the application on ‘production’ environment.

The exercises will help you understand the techniques behind the delivery process, and give you more insight in the way you might do the same within your own project and team. This session is for anyone who wants to dive into the area of CI/CD pipelines design and implementation, and into the skills that help us as QA specialists to understand the design, implementation and testing of delivery pipelines. The exercises will require some basic knowledge about Docker.

Key takeaways
  1. How to design and implement a delivery pipeline
  2. How to utilise Jenkins Pipelines to code our delivery processes
  3. What are the important elements and potential problems too look out for when creating delivery pipelines.

An experienced QA Engineer. Test automation specialist, trainer, and evangelist. Technical testing, CI/CD, and Test/DevOps enthusiast. A QA Lead responsible for quality-related aspects throughout the project lifecycle, now also a consultant helping others with automating their work. He regularly searches how to improve even the good solutions.
Embraces his love of discussing things as one of the DebatQA co-hosts. Speaker at various meetups and conferences. Part of the TestWarez 2018 programme committee. Blogger at automatingguy.com.