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Building an Ethically Strong Organization, with important role of QAs.

Ethics and integrity are becoming more and more important. You can make a major impact on your project outcome and relationship with end customers by ensuring that employees understand the appropriate ways to address daily ethical issues. While an absence of ethics can put companies into a spiral of scandal, firm and consistent ethical approaches can help companies save their products and projects. Ethical issues affect IT products and software houses delivering projects as much as manufacturing organizations. Practices like stakeholder’s management and effective delivery will not save you from ethical short cuts in delivery.

Michał proposes that the QA department must play a strong role. It is the first place in an organisation where we build the quality image of the produced software, and where we share the reports and outcomes with stakeholders. We make a lot of hard and impactful decisions, and have to be constantly vigilant to help our companies to set the stage for ethical behavior. This is a session for all the testers and test managers about why their ethical spine and integrity is important for their company and department success.

Key takeaways
  1. QAs need to be ethically strong
  2. How integrity can save Your project
  3. How to organize QA rules inside orgzanization

My „Business as Usual” is varied and exciting. I am a Test Consultant in Objectivity where I am the advocate for great and efficient testing. I give my insight in design of the test harness and solutions for customer cases, the definition of the scope of testing and work with Security Community of Testers. I try to be responsible for sharing „new-fancy stuff” with others and helping people grow as individuals. I am involved in various activities including testing, security, business analysis and taken a step into the world of the Product Owner. Now sharing my experience as Consultant.