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1. Qualification Process (hereinafter referred to as "Qualification") for TestingCup – Championship in Software Testing (hereinafter referred to as "Championship" and "TestingCup") is organized by 21CN Radosław Smilgin, a company based in Katowice (zip: 40-092), 15/411 Adama Mickiewicza St. (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer").

2. The Organizer will appoint the Judging Committee, which will supervise the course of the Qualification, evaluate the work of the participants and select qualified persons.

3. Qualification will take place on February 1-2, 2019 remotely (online).

4. The purpose of the Qualification is to select the participants of the Championship.

4.1. When signing up for Qualification, the participant declares that he / she wishes to participate in the Championship.

5. Qualification may be attended by all people who are not excluded from the participation by the Regulations and meet the conditions of the Championship Regulations.

6. Qualification will be conducted in two categories: individual and team.

7. It is possible to participate in only one category.

8. Qualification may not be attended by the people directly involved in its preparation and involved in organizing of a given edition.


1. The condition for participation in the Qualification as an individual participant or a team is registration through the website and verification of the correctness of the data provided.

2. Participating in Qualification for TestingCup if free of charge.

3. Registration for Qualifications will be possible starting from 28.01.2019 up to 31.01.2019.

4. An individual participant is marked with "first name (s) and surname" or "first name (s) and surname / company name" in the case of participating on behalf of the company.

5. A team is marked with the name approved by the Organizer. The name must be unique.

6. The team consists of 3 people.

7. During the registration of the team it is required to appoint a captain who will be the only person responsible for communication with the Judging Committee and organizational and decision-making matters.

8. The maximum number of Qualification participants is limited to 500 people. Depending on the technical possibilities, the Organizer may decide to increase the number of participants.

9. Qualifying for the Championship does not exempt from completing other necessary conditions for participation in the Championship, including the payment of participation fee.

10. In case not enough participants will sign up for the Qualification, the Organizer has the right to cancel Qualification providing a reason.

11. A condition for the organization of the Qualification in the individual category is the registration of at least 10 individual participants.

12. The condition for the organization of the Qualification in the team category is the registration of at least 30 teams.

13. Confirmation of qualification for the Championship will be sent to the email address provided during registration within a maximum of 14 days from the end of the Qualification.

14. If after completing the Qualification described in these Regulations, the Organizer will have available seats for the Competition, further qualifications may be carried out on similar or different terms.


1. Qualification will be carried out remotely starting from 1/02/2019 at 12.00 to 2/02/2019 at 12.00, according to the schedule.

2. The Organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.

3. Participants registered and qualified to participate in the Qualification will receive instructions on what address they will find detailed instructions and where and how defects should be reported.

4. Qualification will consist of six rounds of tests. One application will be prepared for each round. The round will consist in testing the delivered application in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Organizer, searching for defects and reporting them.

4.1. The rounds start on the following dates and times:

  • 01/02/2019 after 12.00
  • 01/02/2019 after 17.00
  • 01/02/2019 after 21.00
  • 02/02/2019 after 00.01
  • 02/02/2019 after 06.00
  • 02/02/2019 after 09.00
All rounds end at 12.00 on 02.02.2019.

5. Participation in at least one round is required; participation in all testing rounds is allowed.

6. Defect reporting runs on a common defect repository, which means that each participant sees other participants’ reports.

6.1 Reporting defects reported previously by other participants is treated as a duplicate.

6.2 What is the first report and what is the duplicate will be determined by the registration time in the reporting tool. Duplicate reports with identical time will be evaluated.

6.3 Participants do not have the right to edit reports.

6.4 If participants decide that their report should be deleted without evaluation, they will put a "DELETE" note in the comment. The note cannot be "private".

6.5 For teams, defects can be reported only by the captain.

7. The number of points scored in rounds determines the qualification for the Championship. Two types of classification will be conducted - stage and summary. A maximum of 100 teams and 50 individual participants can qualify for the Championship. The number of qualified persons may be reduced or increased based on classification rules.

7.1 Stage classification: On the basis of stage classification, the first 3 teams and the first 3 individual competitors, who in a given round (stage) have scored the most points in the assessment of the Judging Committee will be qualified. In the case of an equal number of points, all teams and individual competitors with identical scores are qualified. Only teams and competitors whose score is greater than zero are considered. In the case when a given team or individual competitor meet these criteria at several stages, they will be qualified from the stage begun earlier, and will not be taken into account when determining qualification from later stages.

7.2 Summary classification: On the basis of summary classification, teams and individual competitors will be qualified in accordance with the total number of points scored in all rounds. Only teams and competitors whose score is greater than zero are considered. This classification excludes the teams and individual competitors who have already qualified on the basis of the stage classification.

8. Defects should be reported using the tool chosen and indicated by the Organizer.

9. Each of the individual competitors and team members provides his own equipment and software necessary for participating in the Qualification. The lack of equipment is not a reason to challenge the results of the Qualification. Applications dedicated to test will be provided by the Organizer.

10. Reports should be made in English. Documents in other languages ​​will not be evaluated.

11. During the test round, individual competitors and teams should not communicate with other participants or use the help of people who do not participate in the Qualification. The Organizer is aware that he has limited tools to control communication, but he counts on the integrity of the participants.

12. In case of detecting prohibited communication (e.g. visible similarities in reports created by two or more teams or individual competitors), participants will be disqualified. The decision on disqualification is made by the Judging Committee.

13. During the Qualification it is strictly prohibited to:

13.1. Use decompilers,

13.2. Overload servers in order to prevent other participants from accessing the reporting tool or the applications being tested,

13.3. Attack servers using security vulnerabilities designed to:

  • preventing other participants from accessing the reporting tool or the tested applications,
  • deleting, copying or modifying reports of other participants.

14. In the case of using prohibited software or acting in a prohibited way, the competitors or teams participating in this will be disqualified. The decision on disqualification is made by the Judging Committee.

15. Reports of disqualified participants will not be evaluated and qualified for the Championship.

16. The decisions of the Judging Committee during the Qualification process are final.

17. Scoring rules

17.1. The qualification will be determined on the basis of the sum of points awarded for reported defects in individual rounds or in all Qualification.

17.2. The evaluation of defects is carried out by the Judging Committee on the basis of reproductions of reported defects and based on the following table. The reproduction may not require changes in the test environment and the installation of any additional software.

Evaluation [points] Category / Priority Category description
-5 [minus five points] Not a defect A report describing the correct software behaviour; defect excluded from the area to be tested.
-5 Duplicate A defect that has already been reported by another team or player.
-5 Wrong project Reporting defects to the wrong project.
-5 Suggestion Report that suggests improvement for the application.
0 Incomprehensive A report that does not ambiguously indicate the defect that has been found or is incomprehensible.
0 Irreproducible A defect that cannot be reproduced by the Judging Committee.
0 Misspelling All languistic mistakes.
1 Trivial Defects such as: incorrect display of elements, behaviour incompatible with UX standards, incomprehensible behaviour, different behaviours of similar or the same elements of the application.
1 Minor Incorrect or misleading error message or missing message. It applies to defects in separate windows as well as in validation messages.
1 Normal Security issues and simple defects in critical application areas. There is a workaround that allows you to use an existing function, which normally should not be possible. The defect also applies to the disclosure of data to which the user should not have access.
5 Significant Functional defect. Incorrect application operation but with a possible bypass.
5 Critical Incorrect application behaviour combined with the impossibility of performing an important operation (even if there is a workaround, it is difficult to find it).
Incorrect behaviour leading to damage or deletion of data, deletion of another user's data.
A defect that causes further important defects. Cases in which the application turns off.

1. Personal data entered by the applicant in the application will be processed by the Organizer in accordance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Data of 29 August 1997 (consolidated text Journal of Laws No. 101, item 926 of 2002, as amended).

2. The Organizer processes personal data necessary to establish, change or terminate the legal relationship, which were provided in the registration form.

3. Entering the registration for Qualification is at the same time an expression of consent to the Organizer's processing of personal data for administrative and statistical purposes.

4. The team that use the name of the company as a team name confirms it has permission to use the company name.

5. Making the registration in Qualification is at the same time an expression of consent to use participants’ name and the name of the team as part of the information activities conducted by the Organizer and related entities.

6. Sharing data is voluntary, but necessary for proper registration. Participants have the right to inspect their data and correct them, as well as to request for their removal.


1. The Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations.

2. The Organizer reserves the right to publish selected works and statements by the Qualification participants.

3. Participants who do not comply with the Regulations may be disqualified.

4. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse to accept the application for participation in the Competition and / or the Conference from a person whose behaviour was incompatible with the tester's work ethics and generally accepted principles of good manners.

5. In matters not covered by the provisions of these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of law shall apply, in particular the provisions of the Civil Code.

6. The Organizer is not responsible for delays or any obstacles in communication with the Qualifying participants resulting from reasons beyond his control.

7. In the case of random events, independent from the Organizer, or technical reasons that prevent the Qualification from being carried out, the Organizer has the right to move or cancel the Qualification and no compensation is foreseen for the participants. The Organizer will present a new way to conduct the Qualification, which may be different from the described one.

8. In the case of an insufficient number of participants, the Organizer may decide to qualify all participants without the competition.

9. The Regulations are in force from January 28, 2019 until new Regulations are published.

10. By accepting the Regulations, the participant of the Qualification declares that all the provisions of these Regulations are clear, understandable and he/she accepts them without reservation. The person signing up other persons to participate declares that all persons signed up by him/her have read and accepted the provisions of these Regulations and agreed to the processing of personal data in accordance with the provisions of the registration form.