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17 June 2020

Wednesday (UTC/GMT +2 hours)



  • Championship rules
  • Communication channels
  • Course of the Competition


Start of Competition


End of Competition




TestingCup Online

Having found ourselves in the pandemic reality, we decided to welcome you to the Online Championship.

The Championship you can participate no matter the location and circumstances – home office, home lockdown, no-work break, in bed or wearing favourite pyjamas.

Join us on 17 June 2020 online to face a new Mr Buggy Mobile!



Are you ready for Mr Buggy?

He’s full of bugs, but we assure you – he’s alive and kicking. Challenge Him despite the place you are!

Home office, no office / no-work break, lockdown, homedays (holidays at home), home quarantine. It doesn’t matter. You can meet and beat Mr Buggy from any place in the world. For the very first time in the modern history the Competition will be online.

So, prepare all your dirty techniques and challenge other Testers from around the world to become the one who will defeat the King of all Failures.


_Before Testingcup

  • Make sure your mobile phone meets this year's requirements and try Mr Buggy Demo.
  • Read carefully TestingCup FAQ, where we explain the course of this year's Competition.
  • Log into the Participant Zone and save your Identifier for the day of the Competition (or ask the person who signed you up to do so). You need your ID to log into Mr Buggy Mobile!
  • Dare to win! - There's only one Champion in each category and this can be You!

_During Testingcup

  • Watch the opening and closing of the Championship via testingcup.pl/2020/live.
  • Stay in touch with us by using the form right next to the transmission window.
  • Wait for an answer to your question(s) which will appear publicly on slides below the transmission.