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"Learn by Playing"

It can be overwhelming to learn about testing. Whether it's the latest book, podcast, conference session or workshop, information about testing is expanding at an ever increasing rate. Testing Games may be games which are designed to apply testing concepts or ones that happen to be perfect examples of test mentality. This workshop is for anyone who wants to explore ways that we can learn about testing through games.

In this workshop you’ll play a few testing games, gaining tools to use back at work and with your peers. We’ll run some of our own tests on those games, and Rick will introduce you to the theory and practice of learning through playing. Rick will walk you through the brainstorming, design, testing and development of a test game, and show you how you can rapidly bring your ideas to life and create a fun learning tool of your own.

Key takeaways
  1. Learning Testing through games is efficient, good practice and fun.
  2. Teaching other disciplines through games engages the whole team.
  3. Test crafting skills can be trained daily while relaxing.

I'm a veteran of the Testing and Conference Worlds, and a fan of both for the same reason: exploring quality together and being inspired by the works and ideas of others. I'm constantly looking for new angles to view testing and quality in, and this leads me to reevaluate as much as possible why we do what we do.

I've tested professionally for 6 years, and unofficially for most of my life. I am currently a tester, test coach and agile coach working with a variety of clients from the more conservative, rigid type to the flamboyantly startup types. Variety feeds creativity.