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House made of glass - how to live in the IoT era of wiretapping?

Let's talk about the dark side of the Internet of Things.

Some people glorify IoT, believing that it will revolutionize industry and the world before our eyes. In fact, we are living in an era of houses made of glass. Our emotions, behaviors and habits are monitored, tracked and analyzed 24/7. At the same time, we are becoming prisoners of our own indifference.

Our security is weakened by destabilization, disappearance of boundaries and IoT’s ethical problems. I will unfold elements of this puzzle and explain what we can do with this both as testers and as consumers. Let's start from more aware buying and go through each element up to legislation level.

Key takeaways
  1. We can choose the thickness and transparency of our glass houses.
  2. Companies do not have to explain their decisions!
  3. Destabilization and vanishing of borders is already happening.

The most popular Expert of IoT in Poland.

A graduate of Econometrics, who abandoned the promising career of a Stock Market Analyst to become world’s leader of Internet of Things.

He has been working as an IoT tester for 5 years currently being Test Leader at Tieto and an Advisor for Polish Government (IoT Group) working on report “IoT in Poland in upcoming decade”.

A well recognizable speaker known for his dynamic speeches - from numerous conferences and tech events (TestFest, Quality3D, Request, seeTest, TestWarez, SQA Days) to meetups (Girls Who Test, Meet4Talk, 25th Level Code).

Writer known from the series "From zero to IoT" - published in cooperation with SJSI - and articles about IoT in tester’s magazines - Professional Tester Magazine, Tea-Time with Tester, portals - Software Testing Help, Ministry of Testing as well as other blogs and industry magazines.

After hours - enthusiast of optimization, Chinese culture, climbing and traveling.