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Auditing your Automated tests

Test auditing is the practice of regularly inspecting your automated tests to ensure that they report accurate results. It tends to get overlooked as test automation grows. Imagine: you’ve built a broad automation suite, evolving as you add features to your product. Your tests run regularly in a CI/CD pipeline and publish results to a dashboard. While debugging a test failure, you discover that your test results have been reported wrongly for some time...

In this talk, you’ll hear about a project where test auditing was a success, and how it served as a defect prevention initiative for an automation project. You’ll find out about the need for Test Auditing, how and when to audit tests, how to report your results and how to use what you learn for continuous improvement.

We’ll cover unit tests for your test automation suite, how to use static code analysis tools in your workflow, spotting trends in metrics like number of failed tests and number of commits, and common problems such as hard-coded strings and ”Assert.assertEquals(true, true)”.

Key takeaways
  1. What test auditing is useful for
  2. How to audit automated tests
  3. Using the outcome of test auditing for continuous improvement

Passionate engineer who strives to deliver quality products. Vivek has led Quality Engineering teams in startup and large scale organizations like CA and EMC. Skilled in testing enterprise products across Big Data, Cloud, Virtualization and Storage domains.