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"Learning how to learn"

At one point his career, Igor was asked to choose between changing his attitude towards work or losing his job. He chose to change, leaving procrastination behind and instead setting goals. One of those goals was learning, and in order to do that he started with learning how to process information in efficient way.

Constant learning is a key skill to flourishing in the IT-business. We are under constant pressure of terabytes of new information we need to process to stay on our daily work.

Researchers have shown that the prefrontal cortex area of our brain has just 4 slots of working memory that together combine into an understanding of the data you are studying, we will call that a chunk. Moreover, your brain can interconnect that chunk with already known information stored in your hippocampus.

Our brains have a precise set of patterns when consuming new data. Understanding those patterns will greatly help boost your learning skills as well as make the process of studying much more enjoyable.

"Knowing how to learn is the foundation of building solid competence in a certain domain. Learning how to learn was a game changer for Igor, both in his personal and professional life, and he hopes it can be for you too.”

Key takeaways
  1. How to to develop your learning skills
  2. Boost your problem solving ability by focus & diffuse mode of thinking
  3. How learning how to learn benefits Igor's work as test engineer

Professional software test consultant and Test lead/analyst with a talent in finding bugs and more than 8 years’ experience in delivering quality. Numerous times I've implemented test processes including manual and automation on different types of projects. Managing test speciality track group of 20+ peoples for test automation and leading several tests automation learning courses (fundamentals of programming, testing, and test automation). Certified with various certifications, including ISTQB Advanced level.