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No specs? No problem!

On different projects, over the past years, Elena has been hearing the same questions:

“Where is the project documentation? Do you have written requirements? How can I test without any of these? How will I know if the product does what is supposed to do?” Which almost always lead to: “I cannot test. I don’t know how to evaluate if a test has the expected behavior.”

Elena wants to help testers get testing as soon as possible, and will show you how she applied strategies that helped to get her unstuck when there are no specifications. Examples include: using testing tours to learn about the product and model on the go, the HTSM (Heuristic Test Strategy Model) to start the conversation - what questions to ask when you don’t know where to start.

Key takeaways
  1. Becoming more aware of the context and the mission of testing
  2. Reminder that: Testing is about learning
  3. Enriching the test strategy by selecting more techniques that can be useful in their context

Elena Popa is a passionate software tester, constantly looking to improve her work. She sees testing beyond the actual completion of a task, and engages in understanding the “why”s from multiple perspectives, which she finds crucial to testing the right thing.

Her specialties are API testing, web testing in an exploratory approach, and in the last two years she has been focusing on data-driven testing.

She likes to go both high level and low level with testing, and is looking forward to exchange experiences with other people.