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DevOps & Agile - The crimes committed against Developers and Testers

While more than 82% of companies are reporting to be on a digital transformation journey, less than 10% are successful in scaling Agile across their full enterprise.

Faced with a reality of organizational roadblocks, absence of autonomy, and poorly technical implemented delivery pipelines, the fifth Agile principle “Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done” retreats into the far distance.

What do agile teams required to be successful? How much autonomy can teams expect in an agile enterprise? How did other companies setup successfully their Continuous Delivery pipelines and how do collaboration models for various teams look like?

In this session, we’ll use customer examples to illustrate common patterns and pitfalls while adopting DevOps and Agile, why continuous testing is still treated like an unwanted visitor, and to explain how to you can overcome those impediments and deliver systems faster with higher quality.


I am a Senior Digital Transformation Manager in Tricentis located in Vienna, Austria, with a strong focus on QA. I embed for our customers Continuous Testing in their CD pipelines, setup various testing approaches for agile software delivery phases from Pair-Testing, Sandbox-Testing, Contract-Testing, Exploratory Testing to TiP. And I advise our customers in setting up collaboration models and roles responsible for Quality in Agile Enterprise Environments.

I have more than 19 years’ experience in IT, worked in Product Management for a worldwide product enablement for Test-Driven-Service-Virtualization. I started early 2000 as a frontend and database developer for a credit card company and created - what we call today a big monolith – for issuing and acquiring, billing & processing, CRM. And I realized back then in a hard way what is going wrong in a waterfall delivery model. I covered later various roles as developer, product owner, business analyst, test manager, architect and project manager.