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RAIL model basic performance testing

Development teams struggle to achieve high level of performance across variety of network conditions and devices. Performance plays major role in the success of any online venture. Retaining users and improving conversions are key goals for the clients, even minor delays can be annoying for the user and have negative impact on the revenue.

RAIL is a user-centric performance model that breaks down the user’s experience into key actions: Response, Animation, Idle and Load. In this session, you’ll learn about the RAIL model, some basic optimizations and how to verify them using freely-available tools such as Lighthouse Performance audit and Chrome DevTools.

Patrycja’s organisation is refining an in-house product using different optimization methods drawn from game development. Their primary target is is a calendar rendered using libraries (Canvas.js PixiJS and WebGL) which are challenging to optimise. Patrycja will describe how her team moved on from looking for stutters and listening to the laptop’s fans, and used the RAIL model to shape and grow their approach to performance testing.

You’ll hear how the built-in FPS meter can identify rendering issues and areas of the page that need to be repainted with every user interaction, and find out how to monitor CPU usage, enable network throttling and identify JavaScript which need optimising. You’ll see how JS Profiler can help you find overdue functions, and how the performance tab captures all JS calls and how long each took.

Key takeaways
  1. Measuring and tracking RAIL model key-actions metrics is a must for satisfying user experience.
  2. Basic performance problems can be identified with free, easily accessible tools.
  3. Performance testing should be a part of every testing process, because performance helps to retain users and improve conversions.

Patrycja Markowska, QA Specialist at Apptension, Poznań

2 years of experience in breaking software, supporting Apptension in-house dev team and PMs.

Outgoing and positive girl who in IT job, unexpectedly, cherishes contact with people the most.

Biggest thrill: Edge case with complicated user path.
Biggest drill: Performance testing, UX, test planning and design.