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From Rags to Riches: Turning Your Mobile Test Automation Into a Cinderella Story

In the era of DevOps and continuous deployment, more and more organisations are demanding a move from lengthy release cycles to shorter deployments - occurring weekly and sometimes even daily. To accomplish this, test automation is not only required, but is now an integral piece of the continuous integration pipeline. This is a vast contrast from how test automation was viewed not very long ago. In the past, teams treated test automation as a side project - a stepchild like Cinderella. But with its newly discovered importance, test automation is now the 'belle of the ball'. So, how does this change how we develop test automation?

In this talk, Niranjani will share her experiences driving mobile test automation from rags to riches at companies such as Lyft and Pinterest. She'll discuss the practices of building a team and culture to support test automation, as well as failures and mishaps that they endured. She'll share the lessons learned of how to prepare tests and infrastructure for this new and richer lifestyle of being a part of CI/CD.

Niranjani will also discuss how containers can simplify the many different flavors of mobile app builds, how to utilize parallelization to speed up build and test execution time, and how the choice of a CI system can improve the efficiency of the entire CI/CD pipeline.

Key takeaways
  1. Mobile builds have different flavors: debug, release, et al. Learn how dockers can simplify your build process.
  2. Get more insights into how to parallelize test runs.
  3. How to containerize your CI/CD pipeline?

I'm an enthusiastic engineer passionate about writing code to break applications! I have worked at both startups and well established companies like eBay, Twitter and Pinterest, balancing the challenges at both environments.

I strive to strike a balance between being a workaholic and a wanna-be-traveler, who is openminded but still likes to believe unicorns are real.