Denmark _ Milestone Systems

"Automating video and audio in video management system"

Marta tests surveillance systems. Video and audio are the most critical part of her products. In this session, she describes her team’s journey towards automated testing.

While automating the UI was relatively simple, it was harder to automate testing video and audio. Media quality depends on a range of codecs, resolutions, drivers and OS updates, and combinations were many and complex. Marta’s team also needed to reduce their release readiness testing time from 2 months to 2 weeks, while their testing work was quadrupled by new requirements to test load balancing and hardware acceleration.

Marta will talk about how her team automated tests of audio and video components using NUnit and Ranorex, the challenges they faced and how they solved them.

Key takeaways
  1. How we tested video and audio
  2. How we moved from manual to automated tests

I have been a tester for the last eight years. I have been testing the camera drivers and then moved on to testing video, audio components and hardware acceleration in our system. In my free time, I freelance test websites and mobile applications. Recently I started also venturing into the security field.