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"Testing in production?! - how to maximize quality of your product"

This session will help you expand your approach to testing by going beyond the safety of created test environments. It will show you how to use your production environment as the ultimate source of truth for the quality of the product, without causing difficulty to customers or reducing the quality of service.

Piotr explains that just testing using QA environments is not the whole story. While vital, they are also synthetic - either data or the environment itself tends to leave out a subset of customer behaviors. Testers can move beyond that by expanding both their data and environments to production. Further, getting features into production more quickly helps us find the right requirements for future changes by gauging actual customer feedback from their own systems.

Piotr will tell you about his experience with proven methods which can make sure that no problems are visible to the customers and can avoid regressions by using an instant rollback strategy. Approaches include:

  • Quick prototypes
  • Feature Flags
  • Instant Rollback mechanisms
  • Deployment/rollout approaches ie Canary deployment, Dark deployments.
Key takeaways
  1. Principles of testing in production
  2. Common strategies to include testing in production
  3. Rollout strategies.

Piotr Januszek is an Engineering Manager in Egnyte located in Poznan, with a very strong QA background. He started his career as a developer, to then move towards a QA career with full technical understanding of systems he worked on. His over 8 years of experience in QA for companies all over Europe helped him to get a deep understanding of both different implementations of automation frameworks, and different testing approaches. This lead to achieving up to tripling the speed of software releases without significant reduction of end product.