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Testing in production: future or antipattern?

Session type: 45 min talk

Session level: Intermediate

Is testing in production always a bad practice? Although we work hard to deliver the best quality products to end users, we tend to avoid quality verification in production phase and limit our testing efforts to test/dev environments. During this talk we’ll explore various techniques of safe and efficient production testing with involvement of end users. We we’ll walk through real-live examples of solutions and test architecture used by industry leaders. We’ll learn how to take advantage of distributed architecture, provide test isolation, gather end-users feedback and assure high-availability of the software.

Key take-aways:

  • why is testing in production an essential part of testing in distributed system architecture
  • how and why industry leaders test in production
  • real-live examples of assuring safe isolation while testing in production environments
  • what is continuous testing in the context of testing in production
  • how to gather valuable feedback from production users with minimum risk
  • how to measure conversion and test usability in production
  • why top-tech companies intentionally inject failures to production systems
  • how to assure high-availability when system failure’s already happened

Łukasz is a dedicated Test Engineer who advices teams in implementing continuous delivery practices with use of test automation and TestOps practices. He specializes in testing distributed architecture and connecting agile mindset with top notch technology. Big enthusiast of open-source software and continuous testing approach. Author of the testdetective.com blog and frequent speaker at various IT events. After hours, a guitar nerd and a books fan.