Sii Poland

Introduction to testing in Business Intelligence

Session type: 30 min talk

Session level: Beginner

Multiple times when we hear BI we also hear that testing is not needed because it is copy paste technology from source to source. Using this small amount of time I want to show why this is a bit more complicated. During this presentation I want to show some basic workflow of the BI process and why solution quality tests are needed. Because it can be boring to test over and over the same stuff I will show also how automation tests are working here. Last but not least we will also think what skills good BI tester need to have.

Key take-aways:

  • Business Intelligence workflow
  • Why and where tests are needed
  • Automation for BI
  • Good BI Tester Profile

I'm an determined and passionate test professional with experience across multiple domains. Until now I have more than 9 years of experience in testing (UAT, ST, INT etc.) and almost 10 in analysis and BI. Not enough? Let's add also 14 years in WebDevelopment and 14 in gaming and e-Sport.

When not testing? I spend my time mostly with my family and we love to travel to the new places.