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Keynote - Top Ten Testing Mistakes That Shaped Us

Co-speaker: Rikard Edgren

With a total of 40 years of testing experience, the list of our mistakes is not endless, but yet quite long.

However, the mistakes are also accompanied by insights about the testing we do, how we get new perspectives, for whom we do the testing, how we report it etc.

In this keynote, Henrik and Rikard will share their most insightful testing mistakes; most of which are amusing in retrospect.

Our current top ten list consists of these stories:

  • The top of the pyramid
  • Reckless bug hunters
  • Stuck in proxy
  • Who's lap am I sitting in?
  • Verify that...
  • Test report maniac
  • Visible by bugs only
  • The mother of all test strategies
  • Rebels with an unspoken cause
  • Some models are wrong and useless

But there might be more important failures up until May...


Henrik Emilsson have a long and broad experience in the software testing field and currently holds the position as Test Strategist at Nordic Medtest in Sweden.

He is one of the founders of the think tank The Test Eye ( www.thetesteye.com); co-founder of the Swedish test conference Let’s Test; and have arranged two SWET-meetings (Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing). He has been a speaker at EuroSTAR (2005, 2012), CAST (2011), and several other conferences. Henrik has created a two-year course in software testing (college of higher vocational studies) where he also was a teacher. He has also been teaching on several other courses, including in Software Test Design at Karlstad University.

Other engagements worth mentioning is his two-time appearences in the EuroSTAR TestLab, and co-founder of the local chapters of SAST (Swedish Association for Software Testing) in Gothenburg and Karlstad.