POLAND _ Dolby

Ensuring Spectacular Experience

Session type: 45 min talk

Session level: Intermediate

Dolby creates audio, visual, and voice technologies for cinemas, home theaters, PCs, mobile devices, and games. Chances are that you have already enjoyed a movie sporting one – or more – of those yourself. I hope you have because transforming the science of sight and sound into spectacular experiences is what we do professionally.

But how do we actually get from "it works" to "it's amazing"? How do we bake the quality in along the way and assure that it remains our differentiator?

There's a method to it. I'd like to take you on a journey, unveil some of the mysteries and share our ways of working, best practices, unorthodox testing approaches, tools and skills that make it possible.

Key take-aways:

  • hints on dispersed QA organization supporting knowledge exchange
  • how to make testing work in the world of agile software development
  • scaling testing efforts to match plethora of technology applications
  • objective and subjective testing techniques beyond GUI
  • intro to a simple competence development framework

Krzysztof Chytła is a leader, learner, speaker and coach. Over the last decade he’s gained professional experience on multiple international projects across web, mobile, telecommunications and consumer entertainment domains. It’s been an adventurous journey from a junior tester to department manager .

Krzysztof is passionate about people and making them successful. He strongly believes that great work environment is built on mutual trust, competence and challenges.

As a side gig, Krzysztof used to run c0re and Quale magazines on software engineering, quality assurance, testing and requirements engineering as a hobby. Additionally, he’s spoken at testing conferences and meetups across Poland to share and exchange knowledge with other professionals.

Privately, Krzysztof is a petrolhead keen on science-fiction literature, astrophysics, technology, rock music and whisky tasting.