Van Daele

BELGIUM _ Isle of Testing _

Modelling Your learning & testing process

Session type: 45 min talk

Session level: Beginner

It’s been said that Testing = Learning + Evaluation Since Software Testing has only been around for 50 years and Learning since before ancient Greece, it makes sense to research what we can about learning.

Not surprisingly, when I started reading books about Experiential Learning I found many useful theories. They made me look at my Test Process differently, look at my colleagues differently and how I test, differently.

Kolb is an educational scientist who came up with four different learning styles. These have been widely used in educational programs to make them more effective. I remember his theories from when I studied to become a teacher. Researching these learning styles, I related them to four testing styles:

Playing, Modeling, Theorizing, Experimenting.

It is only when we go through all four activities our learning becomes complete. The test processes we employ may very well dictate the learning cycle of our whole team. Which could push our fellow testers into an unnatural process to start their learning. This, in turn, could result in superficial understanding, missed results and increased risk. We should draw upon the strengths and diversity of our team members.

Key take-aways:

  • You will acquire insight into different Learning Styles;
  • You will understand how those impact your testing;
  • You will have a model of reference to communicate with your colleagues;
  • You will be triggered to inspect your own Test Process to see whom it benefits and whom it alienates.

RiskStorming & brand your Strategy

Session type: tutorial

Session level: Beginner

Co-trainer: Ard Kramer

Testing is a craft, but it is also and for many foremost a job. A job you do day in day out, evolving with all the rituals every employee develops over time. These rituals, together with all sorts of other external factors (deadlines, pressure, etc.) often means that we don’t have a test strategy or that we are no longer reconsidering the strategies we set out from the start. Having the right strategy in testing is important to stay as efficient and effective as you can be.

This workshop wants to reignite your strategic fire by placing you in small groups with your fellow testers. Together you will devise a strategy for a real life product which includes methods, tools and planning. However, just like in reality the context will change, and our strategy must change accordingly to aptly react to that change. The workshop will use the TestSphere cards as a support to spark discussions and for bolstering your strategy.

Key take-aways:

  • You will work as a team to discuss and describe a strategy to tackle a real life case and problem;
  • You will work out a proposal to convince your manager which forces you to focus on business value and risk;
  • You will use TestSphere as a tool to uncover unknown-unknowns and strengthen your strategy.

Beren Van Daele - Ghent, BE - Co-Creator of TestSphere, Test Coach, advisor, trainer & motivator, Organiser of BREWT I’m a software tester from Belgium who shapes teams and testers to improve on their work and their understanding of testing. I’m an organizer of BREWT: the Belgian Peer conference & test meetup in my hometown: Ghent, the creative brain behind TestSphere and speaker at multiple conferences.