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Introduction to VR Testing

Session type: 120 min tutorial

Session level: Beginner

A basic introduction to VR Testing.

This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn about how to test VR products.

Covering facets such as, note-taking methods, length and structure of sessions, what to look out for and many more.

Key take-aways:

  • A solid VR-Testing introduction which will give participants a solid base on which to build.
  • Approach and techniques that will enable participants to go and develop their own VR Testing skills.

Syed Ali was lucky enough to start working on a VR project when it seemed no-one else was. He quickly realised this fact and used the opportunity to start contributing VR Testing resources for the community. He has spoken about the issues that are relevant to this new industry and the pitfalls we need to avoid.

Syed is passionate about a future where VR & MR technology becomes available to all; because that's when the really exciting stuff happens.