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Software Engineer, Scrummaster



Is it a Puzzle or is it a Mystery?

Piątek, 9/6/1714:00WORKSHOP/Loże

This fun, interactive session or workshop (could condense it to 45 minutes or stretch it to 3.5 hours) focuses on a vital question I feel one should ask before starting to explore an item in testing: Is it a Puzzle or is it a Mystery?

The basis of this inquiry is that the mix-up of the two causes a lot of frustrations in our testing processes. Often enough we don't look at if we are missing a piece or have too many to see straight and thus apply the less effective methodology to solving our issues. In order to address these concerns, and to teach skills in identifying and communicating in both situations, I invite participants to explore some puzzles and mysteries together.

The workshop will begin with an introduction to the concepts as they apply to testing, followed by a puzzle event and a mystery event. After this participants will discuss both in a manner that helps show how they can communicate this onward to their teammates, managers, and users, again with a puzzle event and a mystery event.

We will close with an open activity ""testing"" both and a general wrap up discussion of participant's personal experiences and relations with puzzles and mysteries.

When returning to work, I hope participants will more easily identify the cause of issues and be more aware of how to test for them, as well as passing on the results in a more directed way. I also hope they will fondly remember the session as creative, fun, and useful, and reproduce it for their colleagues.


Rick is a "software engineer" and Scrummaster at Rabobank WRR Finance IT. This position has given him plenty of experience with different international audiences for test reporting and plenty of experience doing it with more and less effective results. Rick’s work passions lie in technique, optimization and communication, and occasionally the optimization of communication. He enjoys designing training programs and teaching, and has focused most of his lectures on how to communicate ideas between different stakeholders and perspectives. While he has a reputation for always having a story to tell, Rick prefers an interactive lecture or debate to a chalkboard presentation.