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Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen

Rocket Builder - firebrand - entrepreneur -
- submarine designer - inventor and lecturer


Peter Madsen

Peter Madsen has been in the media all over the world after having constructed the world's largest amateur submarine, and again with Copenhagen Suborbitals after the successful rocket launch in 2011, when the world's strongest amateur-built rocket broke the sound barrier. With that Peter Madsen and his team took the first step on the path to space.

With a background as rocket engineer and submarine designer, and founder of Copenhagen Suborbitals, Peter Madsen has now started his own space project "The Rocket Madsen Space Lab". The goal is, that Peter Madsen in as little as three to four years will fly a rocket to an altitude of 130 km.

"If the United States, Russia and China can make space rockets - so can we."

With this quote, it was possible for Peter Madsen to cross borders and break with traditional ideas about what is possible and not possible. By use of extreme innovation, vision and dynamics, he is now realizing his dream. It's all about the incredible way to an incredible target. From having built the world's largest amateur submarine to the world's largest amateur-built spacecraft, and most recently the Space Lab, Peter Madsen entertains about his innovative work from creativity and drawings into reality.

Peter Madsen
Peter Madsen

He provides insight into the technical challenges and discusses the work in nonprofit and open source projects in relation to watch for political and legal loopholes. In his lectures Peter Madsen tells about the vision and the many challenges and alternative solutions that arise when attempting to lift a manned space program. In this lecture you will get an inspiring insight into cooperation under extreme conditions, and dealing with unforeseen situations that may depend on life and death. You experience the inspiring tale of daring leaps into crazy projects.

This exciting and immersive presentation will inspire and show you that no challenge is too large to be solved in an alternative way. It's all about innovation, methodology and mentality. The strength of being able to get rid of routine and rigid ways of thinking. But how do you get started?

Get an experience out of the ordinary - it's innovation, motivation, passion
and inspiration for the class!


From the ocean floor to space

Czwartek, 8/6/1714:30