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Maria Kedemo

Consultant, speaker, writer, teacher, coach and student in Software Testing

House of Test


Prezentacja keynote

Dimensions of testability

Piątek, 9/6/1712:00Atom Club 1

Testability means how easy a product can be tested. Whether you are working in an agile environment or in a waterfall project, whether you are a tester, a developer or a manager you will benefit from a high degree of testability. This talk is about how to identify testability issues and how to adress them and the pitfalls you need to be aware about.


Maria is a consultant at House of Test and has been working within software development for over 15 years in many different roles and industries. What she appreciates the most in each and every assignment she’s had is the learning opportunities. Maria loves sharing her experiences and helping others to improve. Occasionally she shares her thoughts on mkedemo.wordpress.com