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Johan Sandell

Consulting Test Lead



Testing through the log file

Piątek, 9/6/1711:15Atom Club 1

Our product’s logs are a gold mine for the hungry tester’s mind. The product/test interface gives the result of the test cases performed, whereas the log file gives the results of all the tests we didn’t run explicitly. Parsing a log file is like piggybacking on the back of your user, see what she sees, and where she is lost. In our experience, harnessing the power of log files, allowed us to continue running our validation scripts even when the system is live. This provided a constant stream of information of load times, use patterns and also several features to retire.

Through testing, we provide information on the value of the product to our users. We need real data for this examination. Fortunately, as services and applications are increasingly online, this real-life data is not that hard to get. Often it is sitting right there, just not in a way we are used to look at it. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of log file analysis, so that we can see how to use what we have and how to transform the log from a crime scene analysis tool into an active monitoring systems that help preventing accidents before they occur.

-How to learn what you already know about your system.
-Getting a way to question or validate your and other’s assumptions.
-Tips for improving logging for test and maintainability.


A free-lancing tester currently coaching transformation into data driven testing at the Swedish Police Authority. Been consulting within test and agile for the last 5 years and prior to that worked as test engineer and leader at a major medtech company.