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The quest for the ultimate Test Story

Czwartek/Piątek, 8-9/6/1711:00/09:30Amber Lounge/LożeArd Kramer

Good stories last: They release emotions, they have their own life, they make you proud and they can help you inform and move others. This is why we embarked on our quest: the quest for the Ultimate Test Story! We set forth to scour the earth in search of testers. Testers with interesting experiences and crazy stories to tell, but not having the words to bring them to life. Our weapon of choice: Test Sphere. A deck of hundred cards that inspires and supports these testers to craft, temper and shape their raw experiences into strong, red-hot stories of power.

In our workshop we will teach you how to use these cards, by giving you different assignments in small groups. Most importantly: this means you are going to to tell test stories. We are convinced that every tester has had interesting experiences, that deserve to be told and shared. After telling each other these stories, you can start to discuss the content of the story and the performance of the storyteller:
1. Do you have similar experiences?
2. Would you do something differently?
3. Do you have a challenging question?
4. How can the story be told in a more captivating way?

After you finished the discussion, you can reward each other by giving a small gift in the form of a sticker to show your appreciation of sharing a story and insights.

Content is vital, but it is also important to look at your performance: “how to improve your storytelling”. A good story is priceless: It can help you convince your manager or drive home your point in a coaching session. In our workshop it is crucial that you give each other feedback on how to tell a good story.

Completing the workshop, you will have done many interesting activities: you’ll have heard and told lots of stories and have received feedback on how to narrate a great story. Maybe you were rewarded for your positive participation. Challenge yourself and your test colleagues by telling interesting test stories and who knows; maybe you can help us to finish our quest by performing for us: The Ultimate Test Story.

Stay awhile and listen. For the best place by the fire, is kept for,... the storyteller.


I’m a software tester from Belgium who shapes teams and testers to improve on their work and their understanding of testing. I’m an organizer of BREWT: the Belgian Peer conference & a test meetup in his hometown: Gent, the creative brain behind Test Sphere and speaker at Test Bash Manchester and Eurostar 2016.

My dream is to become a test coach for people that nobody believes in anymore or no longer believe in themselves. People that have motivation and will, but no luck. I want to tap into that potential and give them the opportunity to shape a better life.