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Andreas Faes

Test Automation Engineer at MIPS



Losing my religion

Piątek, 9/6/1709:30Atom Club 1

I identify as a technical tester, although I try to emphasize the tester part. But lately this is starting to feel like a fable, maybe even a lie: I spend my days merging code branches, reviewing automated tests and integrating continuously and hardly perform good ol' manual testing anymore. On an average day I talk more with the developers than with my fellow testers and sometimes I catch myself talking just like one of them.

So is it still fair to call myself a tester? This question has been troubling me for a while now, so I decided to go back to the basics and read up. As a manual tester I know which 'School of Software Testing' I adhere to, so maybe there is a similar school (religion?) I can find in the technical realm. This non-technical presentation wants to explore the traditional schools of testing and their views on technical testing... and beyond. All in the hopes of reinstating my test identity to its full glory.


In the summer of 2008, Andreas and software testing first met. They have been best friend ever since, and continuously explore each other to fully understand the other. Neither one has succeeded so far, but they keep trying. Andreas has a strong interest in the technical stuff within testing (test automation in its broadest form), without losing sight of his manual testing beliefs. He is a regular speaker at different conferences (EuroSTAR, Belgium Testing Days, Tasting Let's Test, etc.).