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Wojciech Gawroński

Software Engineer



How introduce and maintain DevOps culture in the QA environment?

Friday, 9/6/1709:30WORKSHOP/LoungeKamila Gawrońska

Responsibility is a feature well know to QA people. We do not have problem with that on daily basis we (and only we!) take care about testing infrastructure / staging environment. Don't we, right? ;)

Speaking of which, sometimes it looks like the only one person is taking care of that poor environment, and rest is praying and sacrifices to the testing gods, in order to preserve good health of that infrastructure. Everything works fine, till time when poor maintainer wants to go on holidays. How to avoid such situation? How to build up a collective ownership and introduce true DevOps culture in our environment? For those and many more questions you will find answers during our workshop. We will talk e.g. about which values and attitudes we need to care about in our team, why introducing it is a process, not a project and why having a safe harbor, blameless post-mortem and culture of embracing the failure is important for such environments.

But we will not stop there! Besides introducing DevOps we need to know how to maintain it, and we need to know how to do it - we will introduce tools and techniques which will help with that, ease the process and help understand why automation in that piece also matters - as critically as in the testing. Taking as an example a virtualized test infrastructure environment we will try to show how best practices how to maintain those and keep up good state of it since day one.


Wojtek after tackling major scaling and performance challenges in the education, eCommerce, public transport and analytics field, choose Appliscale ( and the hyper performant world of real time bidding to sharpen his Erlang his code helps power a multi billion transaction platform, distributed across the globe.

He strongly believes and evangelizes a DevOps culture and not being afraid to change hats when there is a need for He is a frequent speaker throughout Silesia and co-organizer of several meet-ups (Functional Miners, Silesian BEAMers, Nodeschool Silesia).

In the spare time he is giving talks on various IT-related meetings, blogging at ( and reading a lot of books.(