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Piotr Pawluk

Senior IT Professional



Requirements in the performance testing

Friday, 9/6/1714:30Atom Club 2

In a perfect world tester receives everything - what he or she needs to perform the test, i.e.: scope, purpose, requirements, environment, etc. In real live we sometimes hear: ""Please test the application." So we ask: test against what? What are the requirements, user stories or something? With functional requirements it is easier - we have business analyst, we may ask users, we may guess. With performance requirements it is a little more difficult. It is niche knowledge which performance testers usually have, and business analysts - not necessary. In my presentation I will share some experience, how performance tester can support project in performance requirements collection.

I will look into several dimensions: number of users, number of activities in particular time, response times for particular functionalities, geographical distribution of users. And at the end we will have set of performance requirements.


Piotr Pawluk is senior specialist and leads a small team with provides performance tests for internal IT projects in one of the biggest global pharmaceutical companies.

In last eight years he provided performance testing service for around 60 projects, form small to big ones, touching almost all areas, from validated waterfall projects for drug safety applications through HR systems to agile projects in marketing area.