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Michał Stryjak

QA Manager



Here's the thing about motivation ...

Friday, 9/6/1709:30Atom Club 2

... everyone has its own. There is this thing inside you that makes you want to get up from bed everyday and no one around knows what it is ... sometimes even you don't. It's not that easy to understand what motivates you, what makes you tick and why you want to get better and better in what you do (not only at work).

There are countless books, blogs and other publications around the subject of motivation but that is not the kind of motivation I want to discuss. This talk is not about "5 tips how to motivate your team", how to maintain autonomy at work or achieve goals. This talk is about how you can make a step forward in understanding your own incentives and how to make use of them.

I have been working in testing for several years now and it is not so long ago that I started to understand what drives me. Everyone has some moments in their professional lives that determine how we approach situations at work, how we deal with daily routines and what career decisions we make.

In this session, I am going to tell you a few testing stories which I consider crucial in discovering my personal motivators. This knowledge has allowed me to make better decisions, to be a better tester and a better leader. My goal is to inspire you to embark on a journey to discover the surprising truth behind your own motivation.


Michał Stryjak is QA Manager at PiLab. Currently involved in testing a product that helps identify patterns and relationships of data elements between large, complex data sets that may be scattered around the company.

Since 2007, when his adventure in testing begun, Michał gained experience as Tester and Test Manager at Siemens, Volvo or Objectivity. He quickly realized that testing itself does not improve the quality so he started to focus on processes and relations. He discovered that the real key to Quality is a well-organized team and efficient communication with project stakeholders. LinkedIn: