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Łukasz Rosłonek

Software Tester



Make testing fun again - QA in Continuous Delivery process

Friday, 9/6/1710:15Atom Club 2

Info: How Pokemon contributed to development of modern software testing? How to keep testing and dynamically-changing business domain convergent? What Hollywood actress and software testing have in common? Those are just a few of questions we’ll answer during this presentation. We will talk about testing in modern, distributed system architecture, coupling test automation with exploratory testing and take on why everyone is so vocal about DevOps role in the context of quality assurance. Combining above with Continuous Delivery methodology and its influence on software quality - fasten your seatbelts!

- challenges of traditional testing approach and modern architecture, how Continuous Delivery changed Quality Assurance
- does test automation replace or supports exploratory testing
- contemporary testing techniques
- is software testing already defined proces


First of all - Software Tester. Since the very beginning I’ve worked with companies implementing technical software testing to quality assurance process. In daily work I focus on test automation frameworks, keeping in mind that automation is not only about browser. I’m a fan of agile approach, open-source and modern, distributed architecture. Author of blog: Occasional speaker on polish testing events and writer on popular development portals.