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Jędrzej Osiński

Senior QA Engineer, Line Manager



Risk-based analysis in Agile - how to manage risk and effectively test user stories

Friday, 9/6/1715:30Atom Club 2

Risk-based analysis is one of the main responsibilities of each QA engineer. On the other hand agile methodologies are usually characterized by high changeability, low-detail documentation, and very often a lack of time for a dedicated risk analysis phase within a project schedule. So how to monitor the risk and, as a consequence, how to test user stories in a smart, efficient and effective way in agile projects?

During the presentation we go through the main concepts like the difference between project and product risk. We also recall the definition of risk as the product of potential impact and probability (of occurrence). Having it as a base, we discuss how to assess risk components during team meetings (e.g. 3 Amigos): we discuss the Cynefin framework for tasks and problems complexity classification. Then we show how these Cynefin-based conclusions can be transform into a risk level for a particular user story.

Knowing the risk level associated with a specific task (user story) we are able to better plan and manage the tests and QA around it. In particular we can link pre-defined risk levels with various DoD (Definition of Done) lists. Risk level can also influence on the functionality delivery process (what can be also agreed within the team in advance). Finally we can combine risk levels with the repositories management rules (e.g. git flow). We show examples for each of these aspects.


Jedrzej Osinski has a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and strong research background in computer science. He gained experience working within Polish Platform for Homeland Security (government grant). After 8 years of academic teaching, he currently lectures about software testing and products, AI applications and IT business start-up at Poznań University. He combines his academic career with being a senior QA and line manager in Cognifide, an experience management consultancy. Jędrzej is an author of 13 scientific papers and co-author of two books (including ""Testing in practice"" by PWN). During his professional and scientific career he was involved in a number of different conferences as a speaker, papers reviewer and organizer. He is interested especially in BDD, process and testing heuristics. ISTQB Advanced Level Test Analyst and Test Manager. Feel free to follow him on Twitter: @dr_hawaii