What is TestingCup in 2024?

TestingCup is one-of-the-kind competition dedicated to professionals in the new technology industry, primarily software testers, and all individuals professionally involved in programming and ensuring the quality of information systems.

TestingCup brings together the software testing community to, through active and healthy competition, select and award the Best Software Testers.

Its participants face the challenge of dealing with MrBuggy, an application containing hidden bugs that originated from actual mistakes made by developers.

Are you ready to become a champion in your company?

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The competition moves to a new level. At the level of your company.

Inject excitement into your daily office routine and test your employees' capabilities! Get ready for an upcoming internal TestingCup event in your company!


Challenge __

Are you ready for MrBuggy?

He’s full of bugs, but we assure you – he’s alive and kicking. Prepare all your dirty techniques and challenge your office colleagues to become the one who will defeat the King of all Failures.

MrBuggy has been tested by hundreds of testers during the international software testing world championships - TestingCup, organized in Poland between 2013 and 2020. This makes it one of the best-tested documents and applications in history.

All versions are released and serve as a learning tool.


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MITC Software Testing Level 01 is a transformation of the MrBuggy application, turning it into an examination app based on international testing standards, such as ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119.

The new certification program was introduced to the market in October 2023. TestingCup team is one of the funders of the practical certification schema.

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TestingCup means positive emotions, the spirit of healthy competition, networking, learning, and having a good time.

Learn more about this unique project and its history.